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Dear Customers,

Last March we rolled out a brand new premium backup service and made some adjustments to our free sharing service. Since then we have received an amazing amount of feedback from users of both the free and premium plans. As a result, we are making major changes that will improve your experience with all of our cloud service plans.

We are dropping our one size fits all premium backup tier for individuals. We now offer two premium plans for individuals--Pro & VIP--tailored to the diverse needs of our users.

For free plans we are dropping the unlisted sharing limits and no longer expiring unlisted shares after two weeks. Instead, free users will get 2 GB of free storage for their sharing needs.

If you are a current VIP subscriber we want you to know how deeply we appreciate your commitment to Coach's Eye. As the result of your feedback, we spent the last six months fine tuning the backup service. We are happy to say the service is both state-of-the-art and battle tested because of you.

If you are a yearly member, at the end of your current subscription term your membership will be rolled into the new VIP tier. We will of course continue to honor the pledge of unlimited cloud storage for the duration of your current subscription term.

If you are a monthly subscriber please note that we will be removing the option to purchase a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions will continue to auto-renew, but if you cancel your monthly membership and decide to return you will need to visit and purchase a yearly subscription.

Finally, we want to say thank you. Your journey to greatness is truly our inspiration. Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any difficulties. It's our honor to serve you.

Warm Regards,
Team Coach's Eye

Service Tier Matrix


  • 2 GB of free cloud storage for sharing your videos.
  • Share private unlisted SD videos (up to 2 GB storage limit).
  • Share public SD videos (up to 2 GB storage limit).


$5 per month with a 1 year commitment
  • 25 GB of cloud backup storage.
  • Device-to-device sharing.
  • HD Backup.
  • HD Sharing.
  • HD Export at 60 FPS.
  • Premium Tools.
  • Cross-platform license ** coming soon **


$10 per month with a 1 year commitment
  • 150 GB of cloud backup storage.
  • Device-to-device sharing.
  • HD Backup.
  • HD Sharing.
  • HD Export at 60 FPS.
  • Premium Tools.
  • Cross-platform license ** coming soon **
Instant video analysis and slow-motion review for soccer players and coaches
Coaching app for iphone, ipad and android

Start improving soccer kicks and footwork with video on your phone. Coach’s Eye is the perfect app for beginners, FIFA champs, and anyone in between. Use this video analysis app as a coaching aid and see how easy it is to improve your team’s ball handling skills, goalkeeper mechanics, tackling technique, and more.

buy coach's eye now available for ios and android devices

Coach’s Eye for Soccer

  • Improve shooting technique
  • Slow-motion dribbling analysis
  • Get more from your strength and speed training
  • Review passing and receiving technique
  • Scout and analyze recruits
Record practice for review


Capture video on the spot with your mobile device or import it from your video camera and computer.

Analyze and review technique


Review your videos in slow motion, and then add your insight with drawing tools and video voiceover. Breakdown the finer points with video zoom and pan during analysis.

Coach's Eye demo video Play demo video 0:45 BUY NOW
for just $4.99
Share videos with players and team


Easily share original and analysis videos with coaches, players and parents. Videos can be viewed on mobile devices or computers.

Collaborate with other coaches using Coach's Eye app


Send videos to other coaches for their analysis and feedback. Review video with your team by connecting your device to a big screen TV or projector.

My players used to swear they were taking corner kicks properly. But the first time I used Coach’s Eye to show them what I was seeing, they stopped arguing and fixed their technique. At the next practice, they were correcting the kids who missed the previous week! I was amazed by how easy the app was to use and how quickly it got results.
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Oscar Castaneda

Coach and President, Capital Area Soccer League

I have used the app at Soccer Camps and found the players really respond to it.
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iSoccerApps review

Soccer Videos made with Coach’s eye

  • Long Pass and Header Goal
    Soccer Practice Long Pass and Header Goal
  • Filming warm-up drills
    Passing Drills Filming warm-up drills
  • Slow-motion footwork
    Long Pass Analysis Slow-motion footwork
  • Run and shoot breakdown
    Kick Approach Run and shoot breakdown
  • Breaking down a kick
    Anterior View Breaking down a kick