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Improving Physical
Education with Video

Coach’s Eye acts like a second instructor in your pocket. With the
ultimate training app, you’ll get the tools you need to film sporting
performance, perform student assessment, allow peer assessment,
and more. Discover how easy it is for you to improve
performance in any physical education class.

With classroom technology and Coach’s Eye, you’ll never miss a thing. Whether you’re outside or in the gym, you can use the app to record students in motion and instantly review the video to point out needed improvements.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99

During your next PE lesson, use Coach’s Eye on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to easily record any student – whether they’re running a mile, lifting weights, playing dodgeball, or capturing the flag.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99

Break down movements frame-by-frame with slow motion playback, add commentary, or draw lines and arrows on your video to show proper alignment and form.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99

Encourage and motivate PE students and their parents with the touch of a button. With Coach’s Eye, it’s easy to share complete videos that anyone can comment on through text message or email.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99
What People Are Saying About Coach's Eye
Here are just a few things coaches have been saying about Coach's Eye. Join the
thousands of coaches, athletes, and parents by taking your game to the next level.
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The Coach’s Eye app has revolutionized how I teach my lessons and give feedback to students. It has improved my teaching, relationship with students, engagement of students, how I deliver plenaries and how I plan my lessons. I tell everyone I meet about this app and I know it will grow to overtake other sporting analysis software.

The beauty and simplicity of the Coaches Eye App is that any sport or activity can be recorded then slowed down to offer a verbal and visual feedback about form, technique, or anything else you might see.

With Coach’s Eye, I am now able to give them this visual evidence as well as an honest reasoning for my suggestions. My point is that video technology is the best way to demonstrate and analyze skill and strategies in physical activity and sport.

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