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Coach's Eye + Teams

Recording Features

  • Record videos with any mobile divice or third-party camera.
  • Capture videos at 60, 120 or 240 FPS (on supported devices).
  • Zoom while recording to capture every detail (on supported devices).

Upload Capabilities

  • Upload videos from any source in MP4 or MOV format, using the Web Uploader.
  • Import videos from sources such as your device's Camera Roll, Dropbox, Google Drive and YouTube.

Analysis Tools

  • Playback videos in slow motion.
  • Use the flywheel to scrub through videos frame-by-frame.
  • Add voice over narration to your video to provide feedback.
  • Telestrate on your videos using lines, arrows, circles, squares, and freehand tools.
  • Use the angle tool to measure accuracy.
  • Use the timer tool in your analysis to see elapsed time and calculate splits.
  • Use the spotlight tool to focus on the most important parts of your video.
  • Compare two videos side-by-side.
  • Zoom and pan to add focus and clarity to your analysis.

Roster Management

  • Get started with a minimum of 10 roster seats, additional seats can be added for $5 per seat.
  • Interchangeable roster seats allow you to easily add and remove team members throughout the year.
  • Access your Team Dashboard from a PC or mobile device.
  • Record and import videos from any device.
  • Improve engagement with access to Coach’s Eye for every team member.

Organization Capabilities

  • One central location for sharing and accessing all of your team videos (includes 250GB cloud storage, purchase additional storage as needed).
  • Stay organized by creating an unlimited number of sub-teams.
  • Tag your videos so that you can find them easily.
  • Brand your locker with your team’s logo and colors.

Privacy Controls

  • Distribute videos privately to each of your teams or individual team members.
  • Share specific videos publicly with friends and family.

Access On-Demand

  • View team videos on any device.
  • Make videos available offline so you can view them wherever you are.
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