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Video Analysis for
Track and Field

Like a track and field coach that never misses a thing, Coach's Eye
is perfect for beginners, marathon runners, and anyone in between.
Use this motion analysis app and see how easy it is to improve
speed development and critique important movements like
throws, jumps, sprints, hurdles, and more.

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Track and Field Analysis App

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On the spot analysis has never been easier. Use Coach's Eye to record an athlete in motion and instantly review the video to point out needed improvements.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99

It's hard to fix what they can't see. So, next time you're at practice or have a meet, use Coach's Eye on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to easily record any athlete – whether they're at their best, or having an off day.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99

Break down track and field mechanics frame-by-frame with slow motion playback, add commentary, or draw lines and arrows on your video. Video feedback will help your athlete with their form so they can improve shot put throwing distance, get faster off the blocks, or reach hurdle clearance.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99

Provide something for them to review. Send videos to
other coaches, your athletes, or their parents with the touch
of a button. With Coach's Eye, it's easy to share complete videos that discuss technique through text message,
email, or YouTube.

Get Coach's Eye for just $4.99
What People Are Saying About Coach's Eye
Here are just a few things coaches have been saying about Coach's Eye. Join the
thousands of coaches, athletes, and parents by taking your game to the next level.
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I found Coach's Eye to be a great tool for taking on the field to coach my vaulters. You can review, mark up the video to show mistakes and improvements. I give it 5 stars!

Username: Pvaulter24

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