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Coach’s Eye helps athletes and coaches develop their skills quicker than the competition.

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Coach’s Eye helps athletes and coaches develop their skills quicker than the competition. We approach every sport with this mindset “Seeing is Believing”, and you can’t change what you can’t see. Coach’s Eye is proud to give you the best video analysis app on the market. Simple and powerful, Coach’s Eye is the number one tool you need to elevate your game.

On-The-Spot Video Analysis

Coach’s Eye allows you to instantly record and analyze video right on your mobile device. Easily compare two performances with split screen video comparison during analysis. Take advantage of powerful video drawing tools to call out areas for improvement. Amplify learning by instantly reviewing key moments over-and-over again with precise video scrubbing and slow-motion video playback.

Coaching On-Demand

Provide athlete feedback on the spot, in the locker room, or even your living room! Coach’s Eye lets you create analysis videos that can be shared in a variety of ways. Share videos directly with an athlete or make it publicly available for the community to view. Simplify remote coaching by importing other Coach’s Eye videos with the tap of a button.

Quick Access Camera

Never miss a moment with Coach’s Eye! Access the Coach’s Eye camera with ease from anywhere in the app. Choose the video quality that fits with what you are recording. Coach’s Eye also lets you import existing footage from your Camera Roll or Gallery.

Powerful Video Analysis Tools

Coach’s Eye provides video drawing tools just like the ones you see on TV. Easily compare two videos to show athlete progression over time. Scrub through videos in slow motion with our Flywheel. Still looking to do more? Check out the additional tools that are available for purchase in the app. Coach’s Eye Premium Tools

Organized Video Library

Keep all of your videos in order in the Coach’s Eye app with tagging, sorting, and search. Your Coach’s Eye allows you to manage the videos that you like and share. Your Coach’s Eye account also keeps track of all of the videos you like in the community.

Explore The Community

See what other athletes and coaches are working on in the Coach’s Eye community. Search through publicly shared videos to find examples in your sport or activity. Find something you like? Import the video into your collection for analysis or inspiration.

Share Analysis & Inspiration

Easily share your original footage and analysis videos via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other apps on your device. You can also save videos to your device’s Camera Roll or Gallery.

VIP Infinite Access

Apple Devices

Access your videos on all of your devices. Share HD videos with your athletes. Or send videos to any of your Apple devices. Whether you have one device or five, VIP gives you the star treatment. You barely have to lift a finger. Learn more about VIP subscriptions.

Featured Coach's Eye Tutorials

Split Screen

Easily compare your own videos or great examples from the community.

Analysis Tools

The Coach's Eye flywheel will provide fine-tune slow motion review like you've never experienced before! Easily compare your own videos or great examples from the community.

Explore Videos

You can now see what others are working on with a single tap. It’s easier than ever to learn from others.

Import Videos

Import directly from the camera roll or a media gallery.


Coach’s Eye 3.0 now provides multi-select mode to help you take control of your media library.

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